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Hi! Thanks for visiting us at Live Like Lil.

We hope the products that we offer you bring you joy, sunshine and – most of all – lots of lovely fun energy. Live Like Lil came about during a few family holidays overseas where we came across some wonderful products we felt would suit us Kiwis, but which weren’t available over here. So we started thinking… let’s get them made, take them home, and see who wants to live like Lil a little.

Lil is our daughter. She’s an awesome handful. She has the most beautiful energy I’ve ever known. She laughs loudly, she loves everyone and she’s kind. At times she’s a nightmare to parent, but I think the things that make her hard to parent are the things we love the most about her. Lil lives life to the full, she's a bit loud and wild, she's surrounded by the people and the things she loves and totally unencumbered by worries.

I’m loud, too. Not as loud as Lil, though – oh, maybe I am. I love my life, I love people, I love sunshine, I love the ocean, I love plants, I love our family and I love cool things.

We’re excited to start Live Like Lil and have plans to bring you lots of different products over time. We hope you love them as much as we’ve loved finding them and designing them for you.

What we really hope the most is that through our journey you too can live like Lil a little bit every day. Who wouldn’t want to do that?! Like I said, she’s awesome.


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